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RA Series

Here at Reisch & Assoc. we offer a complete line of pad printing equipment, including our complete RA Series of printers and a number of other quality machines. Aslo be sure to check out our packages which include printers, exposure units, pads, ink, fixtures and jigs.  We will customize it to fit your application.

Check out the specifications for all RA-Series printers here.

RA-200 Series

RA-200 - Single color
RA-200 - Two color with conveyor
RA-200S - Two color with shuttle
RA-200V - Two color with 12 station over/under linear conveyor 
RA-200 - Four color with carousel 
RA-200S - Four color with shuttle 
RA-200V - Four color with 12 station over/under conveyor  
RA-200 - Five color with 18 station racetrack conveyor

  • RA-150 Series

    RA-150 Series
    RA-150 - Single color
    RA-150 - Two color with conveyor
    RA-150R - Two color with Rotary
    RA-150S - Two color with shuttle
    RA-150 - Three color with Rotary Table
    RA-150 - Four color with carousel
    RA-150S - Four color with shuttle

  • RA-125 Series

RA-125 - Single color
RA-125 - Two color with conveyor
RA-125R - Two color with Rotory Table
RA-125S - Two color with shuttle

  • RA-100EL Series

RA-100EL - Single color



(100 x 220mm) Fully automatic, 1 color; print plates - plastic or steel - capable of printing 1500 PPH


(100 x 100mm) Fully automatic, 1 color; print plates - plastic or steel