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OdorVent Odor Controllers

Higher Morale and Productivity

Objectionable, often toxic odors are a problem in thousands of industries and individual businesses. Now Reisch offers effective, inexpensive removal of indoor odors caused by over 200 different chemicals and substances. Today Reisch odor controllers are at work in screen printing plants throughout the world to remove strong solvent odors, in hospital pathology labs to get rid of formalin, xylene, benzene as well as tissue odors, in plastics manufacturing plants in sign shops where paint smells are a problem, in veterinary clinics, and in cabinet and upholstery shops where glue odors are a threat to health and safety.

In almost any indoor situation, a Reisch odor controller can eliminate or control the odors from chemicals, to the enormous relief of employees suffering from intolerable working conditions. The results invariably are higher morale and productivity, in addition to the savings of substantial energy cost over exhausting the objectionable air.

RSU Series

23 lbs. of activated carbon

Electrostatic particle filter, material rated at 99% efficient at 0.1 microns


10 micron adhesive capturing pre-filter

350 CFM delivered



Model 228

The smaller Model 228, designed for laboratories and offices only, covers an area of 600 sq. ft. It's a compact unit, 18 x 12-1/2 x 18 in. and weighs 38 lbs. It contains a single filter. The air is circulated by a high performance blower at 400 cu. ft. per minute.


All units have prefilters in front of the chemical filters to trap dust, dirt and other solid particulates down to 10 micron in size. The prefilters are washable, while the main chemical filters need to be refilled every three to six months depending on the environment. We can specifically formulate the chemical filter you may need to suit any of your special needs.

Reisch odor controllers are manufactured in the United States and carry a one-year warranty.